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 Yep, same drivers. 18"
 I wired mine at 2 ohm and haven't had any problems. I know there are a couple other guys in the forums running their NU3000 at 2 ohm also. So far so good.
That looks great Enders. Very nice!
You'll probably like the next Hobbit movie even more Carlos. I only opted for the 2D so I dunno how good the 3D is.
You just call those beer tables. 
 Yep, I only have to worry about the MAF here.  I couldn't see those getting past any woman.
That was my thought too. Think I'll pass on those stands.
 http://www.avsforum.com/t/1519940/behringer-eurolive-b215xl-15-2-way-as-l-r-mains http://www.avsforum.com/products/behringer-b215xl-passive-speaker-pair/reviews/4756
Nothing yet. They don't get here until tomorrow. 
Sorry, I got a little carried away. Sometimes I go pretty wild with my imagination.
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