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Thanks. I'll bet you're chomping at the bit to get those subs. Hell, I'm excited too. Love seeing guys get new gear.
Lucky me. I was given a bricked iPad 2 and was able to restore it. I sure do love freebies. Sure a lot easier to see than my iPod.
Yeah, I considered that stuff but don't want to get into it. Maybe I'll change my mind later down the road. Another amp you might consider is the EP4000. I had that one for a bit but returned it only cause I didn't like the looks of it in my rack. The chief turned me in that direction. Great amp but just could handle the looks. I'm weird that way. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001U5JFNM/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Back to my lounge chair and beer. Can't...
I'm doing the same thing as atabea. Same drivers in a couple of sonotubes wired at 2 ohms. No prob.
I doubt you can do as much with the DSP as what you can do with REW. I'm not going to get into the REW stuff so I'll never know for sure. One reason for getting the nu-3000 was the ability to bridge it. I sold my Emo a couple days ago and will be getting the 4 channel iNuke when it's back in stock. Except for some FXiA6's  think I'll be done buying audio gear for awhile after that.
I still haven't played with the DSP on the iNuke. I just got a long USB extension cable from amazon today so I can run it to my PC. I'll give it a whirl this weekend.
For whatever it's worth I had to turn the volume up a tad bit higher on the GX-5 than on the nu-3000 running both my subs. Not really much of a difference.  That's why I say you could swing with either one. The nu-3000 can be bridged which is nice. You have to use speakon connectors for the output on the nu-3000 but isn't a big deal. I'm using XLR to RCA cables for the inputs to the receiver. The GX-5 has more options for ins and outs.
I'm sure you already know duals are the way to go. I think you could swing with any of those amps. The QSC-7 sure would be nice but lots of moola.
When I run audyssey I run it at the main position only one time and check the levels. Adjust as needed and keep doing that until I get them where I want them and then run it at all the seating positions. Saves time in the long run. P.S.Never fart during the process. Hold it in even if it hurts.
I watched HomeFront with Jason Statham today. Man's movie. Lots of violence and some good fight scenes. Typical Statham stuff. There was some explosions that rattled me pretty good.
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