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Fun times ahead!
 Super crazy is ok. Geoff crazy is another story.
 Don't tease us. More photos at different angles.
After running audyssey I can run the subs 10db hot and not get near clipping. I usually run it around 3db hot. Above that and it doesn't sound the way it's supposed to sound. Your just feeding your hunger for bass beyond that. Not that there's anything wrong with that for the guys who want it that way.
I guess about an hour of deep bass tracks that go below 20hz.  The music I normally listen to is bass heavy. Like tracks from Bass Mekanik. Not my normal diet but when I wanna shake the house for awhile.
Movies are a piece of cake. Some of the songs I play are pretty bass heavy throughout most of the song for about 5 min. continuous. Amazing what such a light weight amp can do.
Mine were wired at 8 ohm when I first got them. After I got the inuke I wired them to 2 ohm. According to the specs it can handle 2 ohms so I figured what the heck. Nothing has blown up yet. I've pushed them pretty hard at times but not for an extended amount of time.
Hope for the best but expect the worst. 
The tracking for mine has read the same thing since Tuesday. One is in Memphis and the other in South Carolina. Supposed to be here today. FedEx tracking sucks!
Yeah, I replaced the fans in both of them. Little too noisy for me with the stock fans.
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