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I'm working on a deal for some ready made DIY subs w/ 18 in. Drivers. Pretty much a done deal.
Well that sure left you guys speechless. 
It's pretty sad to think I'm the nicest guy in this thread.   
Sorry to change the subject but don't you think Gus has a HOT wife?  You think she's blind too?
 You are a mean SOB. You know I only eat oatmeal.
 If you're not comfortable with it walk away. If losing money bothers you don't get into the speaker swapping game.
For your sake I hope not. Everywhere you go hot sexy babes keep trying to hook up with you. Good thing I'm retired so I don't have to go nearly as often and when I do I wear a disguise covering my handsome face. It's just too much of a good thing.
Yeah, what he said.
Any luck?
I have that one starred on spotify. You have spotify?
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