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I am looking in buying a used Screen Research tab tensioned 103" screen(MS2-90-178), however i am worried about the weight as it seems to weigh much more than Stewart, according to the specs the screen weight is 122lbs or 56kg according to documents, it seems twice the weight of a Stewart screen which seems very strange.....anyone who can confirm this?
I have HDMI handshake problems, i'm thinking it's the TX-NR509 that causes them. When i set up my new system consisting of a Samsung C7160 STB box and a old Samsung LE-40M61B TV i got blue flickering picture, after turning off and on the Onkyo i could in the end get picture. I thought it was because my TV was old and there was some compatability problems with the Onkyo so i bought a new Sharp LC-46LE831 TV, after connecting the new TV i could get picture but...
Are you joking? C8000 series is considered the best display in the market.
The Samsung C8000 series have the best PQ in the market right now combined with the nicest design. Don't buy a old Panasonic plasma, it's old tech.
Another note. I have some strange problems with my 5200ES, i get blinking and jumping pixels on my plasma when i have the appliances connected thru the 5200ES. If i connect the appliances directly to my Lumagen scaler the problem goes away which means the problem lies within the 5200ES. Is it a hardware component inside the 5200ES that's failing or is there some adjustment i need to make?
The 5200 DOES pass 1080p/24 which i can confirm with my Lumagen scaler information.
I am going to buy this receiver upgrading from my Sony receiver and have one important query. With the Sony 5200ES receiver i have i can't get audio working when my TV is on, if i shut the TV off the sound comes back. My bluray player is connected with HDMI-HDMI, and then HDMI-DVI to the plasma. Does the TX-NR905 have the same problems as Sony when you're using a HDMI-DVI cable to the TV? Any other problems with the Onkyo that would make me stay away from it?...
Thank god the world is not just USA and the rest of the world live in free speech.
It's a Linux based open source satellite receiver, with the official software loaded i get the interference above, if i however load 3rd part software developed for it i get no interference. The difference is that 3rd part software has HDCP disabled, i can not use 3rd part software for other reasons so it doesn't solve the problem for me. I am still investigating how to solve this and have emailed the manufacturer about this problem.
I have some annoying picture interference problems when connecting to my plasma and it's only from this source i have this problem with, all other HDMI equipment work good. If you look at the picture i have attached you will see, anyone seen anything like that before and what's causing it? i have even tried different cables and the same result. Please help.
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