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is this product a joke or what? i can't seem to find any reference to builtin pixelmapping patterns in the manual? That defeats the whole purpose in buying this product, if the Edge can't provide patterns then alot of people will NOT run 1:1 pixelmapped as they can't confirm it. I had the VP50 and the Lumagen all with built in patterns to tweak everything.
I have a Crystalio VPS-2300 which is connected to my Sony STR-DA5200ES receiver with a HDMI-DVI cable. Also my other equipment are connected by HDMI-HDMI cables to the Sony receiver. However as soon as i turn on the Crystalio the audio is dropped out and the Sony receiver can't decode the audio. If i turn the Crystalio off again the audio comes back. What is wrong? it seems the Crystalio sends some blocking signal back to the Sony receiver when it's turned on.
I have the PHD6 plasma and been running VGA all years and been thinking of changing to DVI. Would i get a sharper clearer picture if i added the DVI module to the plasma?
What is the background noise when you turn up the volume at high levels? It shouldn't be there.
One thing i don't understand, when i have it set to NTSC/PAL and play a 720p MKV file it says on screen that it autodetected NTSC. But HD is not NTSC or PAL, how come it report it as NTSC?
I've done that and Dvico doesn't care, i have been talking with them loads of times and they don't listen at all. I have mentioned the customized output resolutions and support of 768p out of the Tvix, i have brought up tons of recommendations but they won't listen. I have 1080p MKV files with 800p and sometimes 850p because i cropped the black borders out of the bluray movies. In the Tvix you can't output the resolution of the source which is a BIG drawback which means...
I love my new Tvix M-7000, installed a Samsung F1 1TB HDD today and it doesn't even get close to hot, very nice cooling and stable unit.
I am considering buying the M-7000, is it worth going for that one instead considering the price? Well heat be minor issue with the M-7000?
PCH A-110 will be out end of July and got HDMI 1.3
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