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Well you should note that SVS is VERY expensive outside NA. I must agree as well JBL is the kickass in subs in cinemas across the world as the leading brand. However i notice very often there is a fanboy culture around the SVS brand here. BOSE also got similar fanboys on different forums which i don't like and BOSE is not something i would buy dispite the fanboys everywhere. I can see a similar pattern with SVS on different forums. So please be more open minded and don't...
I liked it, it was old school.
I use 720P output from my BDP-S1 to the Crystalio VPS2300 as the Crystalio can't downscale 1080i to 768P as my Panasonic 50" is 1366x768
One annoying thing i don't like is when you turn up or down the volume. Why have they implemented a lagging function? if you hold the volume button too long pressed down due to being so slow, the volume rises very fast. Why have they removed they traditional volume control where you turn the knob and the volume rises accordingly. Now there is no limit in the knob, you could turn it around and around endlessly. Is this something new on most receivers these days?
I thought firmware 2.1 would have been available by now? what is the status?
So Paramount stabbed the BD community by going to bed with Toshiba and HD-DVD. What i would like to know which i haven't found in the forum is what the agreement says? Has Toshiba locked up Paramount for many years or is there a possibility that Paramount will go back supporting BD again?
You can hear Bowie in a short clip performing Comfortably Numb on Gilmours fan site. I was very impressed by Bowie, he actually did it better than anyone else. His original voice did make a very nice addition to the song.
Well listen to this and you know who is the genius, Gilmour is god. Make Waters do that.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3W6hBI1SAL4
I actually went halfway thru the concert, Waters is a joke and has always been.As i said he has been riding on the rest of the group members all the time.Only good thing he ever did was to compliment Gilmour during The Wall tour, were you born then by the way? anyway he complimented the song pretty good with his voice.How come Waters can't make good music by his own then?Why do we talk about Waters in the first place? he is forgotten and history since he stabbed the...
Roger Waters has just been riding on David Gilmours talent over the years. Gilmour is god with his solos. Yes i've seen Roger Waters live and he is boring and tries to be something he isn't, only thing he got is being a former member of Pink Floyd stabbing the rest of the members in the back. He deserves no respect at all.
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