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Based on your requirements, efficiency and cost are most important. So a Folded or Tapped Horn would be ideal
Anyone running these coaxial's as a center channel? How do they compare/contrast to a center that has a waveguide? Any Pros/Cons?
You ever tried either the Fusion 8 or V-10 Volt as a center channel? Was wondering what your preference was there?
Exactly,...A Digital Designs 9518 will output a crazy amount of SPL at 55hz, way more than the suggested drivers above (UMS, LMS Ultra, etc) but don't count it digging lower then 30hz without it being at least -10db down.
What about an Isobaric?
Looks like some new great stuffing coming our way Erich Noticed the new Coaxial speaker kits (Volt 8 and Volt 10) using the Eminence Beta drivers this morning. Anything else being added in the short-term future? I'm personally looking for a center channel option that has smaller enclosure dimensions then the Fusion-8 MTM but still leverages a WaveGuide. Thanks again.
Since everyone is sharing their Game Mode settings. Here is what I am using on my Xbox One with my P60ST50. Inspired by CNET's katzmaier custom settings: Picture mode: Game Contrast: +82 Brightness: +60 Color: +46 Tint: 0 Sharpness: +75 Color temp: warm2 Color mgmt: off CATS: off Video NR: off Screen format: full HD size: size 1 Black level: light HDMI Content Type: Graphics
Once notnyt is done with his new ported LMS Ultra setup you guys ought to DbDrag it out or something.. Call it battle of the LMS's!
Another great reason to go the THT route is the plans and support. BFM's plans are detailed and if you ever get stuck, their is a nice community over at BFM's site all willing to help.
Looks really nice man. Great job on this.
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