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Someone come and get these! They are taking up space in my basement!!!!
Love it Andrew. Might have to copy and have something similar done in my room too.
Yea, I know. Thought someone on here had both JTR and B&W 800 series. You know, I'm always thinking of different equipment.
I forget, who on here owns B&W 800 series speakers? Looking for some info...
Quote: Originally Posted by AcuDefTechGuy You know I was kidding about the JTR & EMO. The KEF LS50 are superb speakers. They will do a great job as surround speakers. Don't knock JTR or EMO. You know, according to the forum, the JTR are the only good speakers available now. I'd use multi-quote but can't figure it out..... Anyway, I am sbsolutely not looking for a flame war but really am curious as to who has listened to JTR speakers and what you thought of them. Of...
Dream, you are more than welcome to come to my place and listen to JTR Triple 12lf's. Doubt it would help you but I'll at least extend the invite.
Are those the ones with like 12 drivers firing to the rear so the sound bounces off of the surroundings and produces a more natural sound?
I'm just surprised at all of the reviews. Glad most actually took notes and are able to give feedback. Admittedly I was waiting for the Noesis and didn't pay too close attention to all of the offerings and missed from 3-715pm due to my sons baseball game. Since this was HT focused I really didn't listen critically to the full range speakers and still lean in the direction that (for me) a B&W 800 series sounds awesome and is hard to beat. Silky smooth and soft vocals,...
Or maybe the style of tweeters?? I've never liked the Klipsch sound and they have horn tweeters.
To my ears I thought everything other than the C12's were a bit bright for me. Wouldn't stop me from buying Noesis and EQing the hi end.
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