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Just got my 684's on a deal in my budget. Love them so far.
Just got this unit at an obscenely low price. I read about the FM reception issues. I am using an attic mounted antenna. I upgraded firmware yesterday via the advanced setup. I get virtually all the major FM stations and HD Radio. BUT...no HD subchannels! I know they exist, the unit only shows one. i.e. 90.7-1 NOT 90.7-1/2 Ideas???
looking back, I liked most aspects of HDDVD better. looking forward, Blu is it and I think this holiday season with cheap players and cheap HDTV's and the DTV transition being talked up HD will become more & more commonplace. There's a long way to go in the real "war"; BD vs. DVD. This holiday season will bring advances like we haven't seen before. This year just about everyone in my family knows what BLU-RAY is!
keep in mind, kmov is 2 years behind ksdk, the benefit: buying the latest version of everything. ksdk is probably still paying the big bills from their upgrade.
I can see the rub, charter charges for HD local package then doesn't want to pay the "suppliers" I wish I could get my merchandise for free. I guess charter may just wait out KMOV and then KMOV will have to decide in '09 if they want a presence on charter then they better hand it over, FREE.
I believe with right to carry, they cannot deny charter the signal. Any legal experts on this out there?
at least that gave charter some added value. now charter just has to wait out kmov and there will be no sd signal. I thought it lacked class for belo to have the anchor even say something about it. this should be behind closed door talk.
KMOV is HD now, they took the opportunity to dig on charter a bit saying belo is ready to talk anytime. what's the history here? is charter paying ksdk's parent?
I think KMOV is doing a little CYA just in case they have any issues. Don't promise a firm date and you won't look like a schmo.
just my 2 cents, Toshiba should have a $99 street price player now, and combo discs could have had a viral effect on the SD DVD market. SD disc sales are way still way higher, that would have put millions of discs in the hands of people that all of the sudden realized they could be watching HD and not have to double dip on the movie. An educational video on the SD side before the movie could have helped. I just fear it's too late now. edit: combo discs for all...
New Posts  All Forums: