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FYI: Fry's this week in their big Friday advertisement shows the whole JBL Cinema line SB100, SB200, and SB400 as new at Fry's and it's in stock. http://www.frys.com/product/7508276
That's kind of weird thing to say, Season 1 had the same number of episodes per disc (in fact Season 2 has fewer episodes due to the 1988 writer's strike)... It was the poor handling of the content during the remastering process plain and simple.
HTV's work definitely isn't that great, but you're right at least some of the shots are almost certainly from the model photography. The 2ft Enterprise model that was used in the 1st and 2nd seasons lacks detailing and has far less internal lighting due to the small size of the model, and it's pretty clear the 2-footer was used a bunch in Season 2. It is used in a lot of the Borg cube confrontation shots of Q Who? to help with the scaling issues between the Enterprise and...
5 and 7 aren't worrisome, because we already know CBS Digital will be handling them completely in-house. It's seasons 4 and 6 that will be farmed out for VFX.
Maybe we don't have to worry.It seems that CBS-D can do two seasons a year on their own, it's the fact the head honchos at CBS Home Video want all seven seasons out in three years, which means that CBS-D could handle all the remaining seasons. Because HTV did Season 2 it let CBS-D get on to Season 3 in late 2012 (rather than start it in 2013 if they had to do Season 2 as well) so they may already have their accelerated schedule under control *fingers crossed* and have no...
It's a bit complicated. Season 1 is pretty great, Season 2 is hit or miss because of farming out the remastering to a different company. However, I sincerely doubt anyone would yell at you for gifting it. Season 2 is still a huge upgrade over the DVD version.
Yep and what makes it a bit more sad is that HTV is where Dan Curry who was one of the two VFX supervisors on TNG now works... So he should really know better...
Season 3 is almost done now. That's why CBS Digital farmed Season 2 out to HTV Illuminate, so they could meet the powers-that-be at CBS's new schedule of having all seven seasons out by the end of 2014. So that means 2 season in 2012, 3 seasons in 2013, and 2 seasons in 2014.And yes CBS is very happy with the sales figures from Season 1. The projector managers said so in an interview with TrekCore a couple of months back.
Yep someone re-hosted the screenshot in question from TrekCore's Facebook page here:https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/169262_529578720388253_1269606073_o.jpgIt's pretty sloppy work...
So this brings up a rather important question that I'm not sure anyone knows (possibly not even those at Klipsch/Audiovox)... what the heck is happening to the Energy brand? It seems to be the same sort of arrangement with (another Klipsch brand) Mirage.. it seems like they're just sort of going in to limbo, where theoretically the brand exists but the products themselves aren't being made anymore? or are being transitioned to being wholly made in China?
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