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Jerry, can you please explain how you have your projector set up when not using the processor?
I have not purchased one of these yet but I would check out justaddpower.com. I am building a new house too and am looking hard at these devices for hdmi distribution.
Have you looked at http://www.justaddpower.com ?
Mario, What size generator isthat? 20kW? Joe
They should be working now. The DNS was screwed up. Thanks Joe
That is not them. I will get the info and take some pics as I am going down to the studio today. The ones I used at the studio do not ahve any direct air path from one end to the other. Joe
I do not have a brand name as the local HVAC company purchased them but they were $600 each on my bill. Hope that helps. Joe
Hey Mario, I have not been following your thread lately but I wanted to share something being as you are talking HVAC. I am building a recording studio in Mpls and had the HVAC folks install sound attenuators. They are a little pricey but they are wonderful. They are about 2 feet long. I had one guy yelling in one side of it and I could not hear him from the other side. They work great and they just install in series with standard ductwork. Didn't know if you...
Hey Joe, What's up? Sorry to hear about the projector. I just had to exchange my LV too. I too will be looking for a 1080p 3D projector. I am moving late this year as we bought some land and are building a house. So it would be nice if there was one available for the new home theater by that time. Joe
Last fall I purchased the components necessary to build a star ceiling. My plans have changed and we are moving instead. So if anyone is interested please PM me. Thanks for the PMs. THe items are sold. Now to find a new solution for the new house. Thanks Joe
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