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Mark, Nice theater. Hey Ruben - Does that stage look familiar?
Oops, I see now that you live in Mound, not Mounds View. Turtle lake is in Shoreview. Not close to you at all. Joe
Thanks Art, I was hoping there was some work being done on a 60Hz solution. I am going to read through the links that Scotty provided to see what I can find. I really hope at some point I will be able to use 3D with the current projector. Joe
Thanks Scott, Thanks for the info. Hey I am moving closer to your neck of the woods. My wife and I bought some land on the north side of Turtle lake. In our plans I have space for a 24x36x12 theater!! Going to get into a rebuild real soon. Joe
Is anyone following the 3D trend? Will there be some sort of solution that will allow us to use our projectors for 3D? Joe
FYI, SMX just announced a new manual masking system. Joe
Mario, Check out this riser calculator. You might find it useful. http://www.theater-calc.com/ Joe
Oops, one other thing I forgot to mention. I too had a metal beam running the length of the basement. One day I acidentially hit it with a hammer and it rang like a bell all across the basement. I then went to an auto store and purchased 4 cans of really thick undercoating. I sprayed every inch of that beam. When I was done you could hit it with a hammer and it was just small thud. No ringing!!! you definately want to do the same.
Hey Mario, How about a few "cents" from an old buddy. I would definately check out Rubens (SMX) screens. I have a 10 1/2 foot 16x9 AT screen and I would not change it for anything. I have less than 2 feet behind the screen. I put 1" of acoustic treatment on the back wall, coverd it with black GOM, and then placed the speakers on wall mounted TV stands. I did the TV stands so I could move the speakers into their "perfect" positions. It really makes a big difference to...
Sorry to intrude but I thought I would share some thoughts. A number of years ago I programmed the Denon interface for Main Lobby. My memory is a little foggy on the details but if I remember correctly I created independent input and out command buffer stacks. They were not inter-related in any fashion. The output stack obviously send the queued up commands with a timing that worked for the Denon device. The input stack, really did nothing more than read the Denon...
New Posts  All Forums: