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Check out circotech.com That is where I bought my 6 drive eSata rack mount enclosure. THeir prices are very attractive. Joe
When you do share the link here. I will chime in too. joe
That is awesome. What do you use for a tactile interface? Joe
I think Ruben is using Cinemar. Joe
How is the testing going? What site are you using to test your bandwidth with? Joe
Has anyone installed cable cards? If so, what charges are you seeing from Comcast? Thanks Joe
I don't think it is the voltage drop. I had no issues until I finished my ceiling and moved the serial cable that goes between the projector and the processor close to a high voltage cable that controls the lighting. I never had issues with the dimming until I did that. It was almost immediate. If I ever redo the ceiling I will definately be moving that serial cable so it is more isolated from any interferance. Joe
Even though it is off topic, those of us on this thread are a fairly small group. I for one would not mind. Personally I believe the $150 will eventually drop to $99. When it does I will be in. We are looking at it for work. That price is $200. I don't need a static ip because I use dyndns and it meets all of my needs. I also can't think of anything else I would want. Joe
Yes you can. There are a few remote control softwares out there that do it and are fully customizable. Do a search and you should be able to find them. I cannot remember any of their names off the top of my head. Joe
Hey Joe, I had the 2 second blue screens on my second HD81. But I was able to resolve them by continually hitting one of the change input buttons on the remote. I think I was always able to catch it before the need to cycle it completely like Art has experienced. I have not had any similar experiences with the LV. So far so good. Joe
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