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Silly me. And to think I paid $30 for a photoshop plugin to do my posterization work. Joe
Wow, that is so cool. Is that an extra cost option? Joe
Got my Duet yesterday and it worked flawlessly from the getgo. I have only used it with my songs on my server and ahve not tried any of the online souces yet. I connected it to my whole house speaker system. The best happened this morning though. I showed it to my wife and her first comment was "now what did you buy". Then I showed her what it was and how it worked and she instantly loved it. Joe
Thanks Art. I am going to try hdmi direct form my cable receiver tonight. I will report back. Joe
Art, If you hate HDMI and refuse to go to component. Does that mean you hate component more? Do you really think the quality is that much better with HDMI? I still have not gone hdmi with the exception of my htPC which is DVI-HDMI and have never had a single issue. Joe
Karlito, It is looking great. I like your improvements to the design! Also, thanks for the kudos on our opening post. Joe
I am still here. Just lurking because I have no problems and at this point, no advice other than thank goodness the bulbs are free for the first year with the LV. I will check the hours on my lamp tonight and report in. Joe
When I called in a trouble report, they installed mine for free. That was a long time ago though and things may have changed. Joe
Sorry it took so long to respond. I am not getting the auto notifications. What are you using to reate the web pages with? Also, can you eliminate the borders on the iTouch browser? and, how long does the iTouch take to connect with the WiFi? Thanks joe
Mine works great. But make sure you don't run your internet through it. Joe
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