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28216 and I have had no problems. Installed on Tuesday, tech was good. I have easy access to crawl space so he gave me some cat5 and I ran it and he connected it for me. Initially skeptical, but watching the Yankee game last night, looked just as good as my twc. Been too busy to play with it in depth so I plan on putting it through its paces tonight. Any tips? Where do you find what firmware you are currently running on the RG?
On the fence in NW Clt. Keep us up to date on how it goes. When is your install? Donnie
I have had this unit for a little over a week and love it. Unfortunately mine is set up in a small room with two windows flanking it from behind, so I get no direct sun light. I do have a ceiling fan with light directly above and I have not had a problem with glare. I usually turn the light down little though just because it is so bright. Fundi
Is this only available on the XR4's via the ISF, or is also available on the XM5's Fundi
Thanks, that is what I figured just need some to put my mind at ease. Does anyone have any input on the ISF Cal and the Bonded Color filter that is on the XR4 and not on the XM4? Is it that big a deal not to have them? Fundi
Well, after reading this thread for what feels like weeks, I have decided to trash my Dell and get the NEC. Here is my problem: I am gettng a 42xm4 because I am getting it for a really good deal. I am little concerned about connections though. I will be connecting the following: TW SA8300HD DVR - HDMI -> DVI(nec) Kenwood DVD - Component -> Component(nec) PS2 - I have component for this but the last bank of inputs is 5BNC. Can I just get an adapter and plug in...
The instruction manual for the Denon 1905 also lists the 785 beside it. Does anyone know if there are any differences between the two. The 1905 fits my budget and has the features I need, but I have found the 785 for a good price from an authorized dealer. Just looking to see if I am giving anything up on the 785. Thanks, Fundi
Thanks for the advice. Any other opinions?
Newbie here and your help is appreciated. I have a small 11 x 14 room that I am setting up for HT. I am looking at HKTS 14's and was curious if those are overkill such a small space. Would the HKTS 7's work just as well. What about the JBL SCS 200.7? I will be listening to 99% Movies and TV. Thanks, Fundi
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