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I guess I tie the LaScalas for longevity, at least in this thread so far. 1973 AR2ax. Bought them during the past year. They were performing well enough but I restored them with new caps, pots, surrounds and re-finish with the original oil style on the walnut veneer. . . .
When I was shopping Salk a year and a half ago, Jim did accept returns on stock finishes of his lower end - at least the song towers.
We have Best Buy/Magnolia. We also have a mid-fi dealer called Pyramid. They carry Paradigm, Monitor Audio, Integra, Marantz. Better than nothing. Though they are moving towards video/home theatre and two channel stuff is getting marginalized. We used to have a local company called Shimek's. I think they are still open in Fairbanks but closed in Anchorage. They were more high end with higher end B&W, Anthem, Magnepan, etc., but now gone.
I live in Alaska. It is not easy to audition anything from here! I did the best I could with consultations, etc. Jim tried to find a Salk customer in Alaska that would let me come by. The only person in Anchorage didn't respond to him. There is someone in Nome, but that's a plane trip away. At some point, I have to try something! When I have been south, I visit showrooms whenever I can, but listening in a showroom helps very little except for comparing pieces with...
Put some research into this, eh?I did not post here to critique Salks specifically and only mentioned the brightness when directly asked. My point was that everyone is different and hears differently and has different preferences. Recommendations from others is not very reliable, listening for yourself is. This context did not call for me to go into all of the detail of that time.I have done considerable work teasing out factors in my experience since. I don't think my...
Too forward / bright. And I'm using tube pre and amp.
Speaker sound quality is very very subjective. Sure, you can measure flat, etc., but people vary widely in their like/dislike of various speakers. I, for example, owned a pair of Salk SS8s for a few months before selling them. I wanted to like them and tried very hard to do so. In the end, I didn't, though there is quite the fan club. So, as many have suggested, listen as much as you can. Don't rely on impressions in showrooms. Too many variables. Get them...
I have Plex running natively on my Synology. Don't even need the computer to be turned on. One less link in the chain.
Room treatment will make all the difference in the world. You will be quite surprised. I have a 22x26 room and have a pair of Rythmik F12's. They are plenty. 15's won't hurt if you have the space and the extra money.
I am loving my restored 2ax'. Help from Carl at http://www.classicloudspeakerservices.com/. New caps, pots, surrounds and refinish. Homemade stands. Next, I may look into refreshing the tweeters, changing the technology as little as possible.
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