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I returned my first KDF46E2000 because there was a crease in the film on the inside of the screen. Most of the time the crease was unnoticeable. There were times, during black scenes and when there was glare on the screen from a lamp, that the crease was noticeable. I inspected the 2nd unit at the store and saw no crease. The next day, at home, I noticed a crease the exact size and location as the 1st one!!! Anybody else seen this?
I just called Sony. They say its normal for the fan to come on even when the tv has been off for hours. Anyone else experience this? Its not bad, but it is in the beadroom. I guess I'll have to get use to it. I have a 56" Samsung DLP and almost never hear a fan.
I've had the 46e2000 for a week. Its great. Only issue I have is the fan coming on intermittently at night. Why would the fan come on if the tv has been off for hours?
I apologize if this topic has been covered before. I have a 5668. Recently it has developed a dark stripe down the left side. Can anyone tell me what this is and how to get rid of it?
I've had a 5668 since July. Recently i've noticed the audio volume goes up and down during some HD broadcasts. I first noticed it during the Superbowl and have noticed it on a few other broadcasts, mostly on ABC HD. Any ideas? Is it ABC or my system. I have a Dish 942 and Denon 2105.
I've had my 5668 for a month and it is awesome! Only complaint is pixelation in background and dark colors. I made an appointment with a caibration technician, but he cancelled and won't be available for a few weeks. In the meantime, I've ordered a calibration DVD. Is there any qick and dirty way to eliminate/reduce the pixelation on darks?
Mike Hamilton has agreed to calibrate my 5668 in Sept for $375. I will pick up a calibration CD today. I'm still struggling with the whole OTA issue. I really don't want to install a large outdoor antenna. The 5668 is in a niche. Is there a small antenna I could put behind the 5668 in the niche? My Dish Network 942 tuner skips over OTA channels. Why?
I received my 5668 last Friday. I had Dish Network installed on Thursday. The 5668 looks fantastic!!! All I need to do now is install an antenna for OTA!
I read on this and other forums that HDTV's should be calibrated by an experienced technician. Does anyone know of a technician in the Phoenix area?
I just received my Samsung 5668 TV along with Dish Network. Both look fantastic. I live in Maricopa and need to put an antenna for OTA HD. I've purchased a large antenna from Radio hack, but have not put it up yet. I'm worried about attaching such a heavy pole to stucco. Any suggestions on a smaller but effective antenna? I have no attic.
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