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Congrats on your speakers and new projector. I hope you enjoy them for some time to come. James
I do believe so since you can continue to wonder around after the main story line is done (I did everything before finishing the main story line though).James
You are going to have some fun. Still love mine after all these years.James
Laugsbach, Thanks for the reply. I must say I have not ever heard of this before “having calc files in 0, 45 & 90 degrees to get accurate results while measuring in the HF range.”, but then again I have not been reading too many audio threads lately. I will see if I can find it and see why people are doing it. James
Where did you read or find that the mic was calibrated at 0 degrees? Have you taken measurements at both 0 and 90 of your system and seen any difference (just wondering since I always took mine at the 90). Once you are finished testing let us know what if any differences are that you find. Thanks. James
Why would you buy another mic? As JimP stated above, you can use the Omnimic with REW already. James
Look for any posts (builds) by passinginterest. He is one hell of a craftsman and some of his builds may have some feet you can get an indea from. Also, maybe Chris will pop back in since he is a very good builder to (and has all ready posted here). I just had tiptoes installed in mine when they were built, nothing fancy. James
Looking forward to your progress reports. Do not forget to get Bailey some training. I just had to let go of my Dobermann about a year and a half ago. Still think of that guy every day. No better breed in my book. James
Based off of who designed those speakers I think you will be happy with them. Pure bred Dobermann in the picture with you? James
Just saw this and yes when it comes to swimming with sharks call me yellow:)But actually one thing that I would have liked to do in my walking days is jump in a shark cage down in South Africa with some great whites around. I love those sharks.James
New Posts  All Forums: