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Is there a way to edit your item title as SOLD? That way I will stop looking at it.
Do you still have this for sale?
Is the extra lamp new? Do you have any AV related feedback on Audiogon....?
Where are you located?
Where are you located?
Has anyone tried to trade in a HD DVD?
Sounds like it could possibly be TimeWindow 3s to me. The pair I have, and am using as my rear speakers, have the light oak tops and bottoms and the brown material covering them.However, mine have a label around the three potentiometers at the top, rear of the speaker. That label says, TimeWindow 3. Did they make the 1 and 1As with light oak tops?
I've been looking for a GFP-750 or a Proceed Pre to use with my Sevens. My home theater pre/pro is great for movies, but sucks the life out of the Sevens for 2-Channel music.It's great that my little thread is still alive. I don't make it to AVS much these days.
Pretty amazing Jamie. I am interested in seeing how you finish those tops and bottom plates. Are you building these for yourself just to compare to your original Sevens, or did Steve put you up to this. Keep the photos coming.
I checked with Mitek earlier today. They claim they have no parts for the Sevens, including drivers. I found CA glue online but what type of black lacquer?
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