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I have questions about this apps ability to use the entire iPad screen: Can HDEF be zoomed to fill the screen at the cost of losing part of the picture on the sides? Can the Progress picture overlay be removed? Thanks -- Vincent
I tried viewing my new 6300 at extreme angles and I saw no loss of brightness under any watchable angle.That CU article was very strange. It rated the 6300 (72 points) higher than the 6000 (70) while all the individual scores were equal or lower. Lower were High-Def and Standard-Def (and higher price). They only reported a price difference of $50.Vincent
But why would CNN, who is shooting for the TV Audience, choose an aspect ratio other than 1.78:1? Vincent
What would motivate CNN to do that? Thanks -- Vincent
Here is a possible clue. Samsung has an Android tablet app called Smart View (Note same name):> This application is Wi-Fi remote control for Samsung Smart TV. If both your > phone and TV are connected to the same wireless Router, your phone will > link to the TV automatically where you can use your phone like a remote> control. The TV can also transfer live feeds to your phone.Don't know what to make of this though.Vincent
I have a Samsung UN46D6300. It has picture size options that I don't understand. Smart View 1 reduces the picture by 50% (HDMI only) and Smart View 2 reduces it by 25% (HDMI and DVI). Why are these options being offered? Why are they SMART? Thanks -- Vincent
So, once again, it's Monday. And this time all my shows are first runs. So, as bejore, it isn't recording House MD. So I checked the list of shows to be recorded and there it was -- scheduled to record next Monday, 4/20. Vincent
I watch the NewsHour in SD via CableVision (Port Chester) channel 21. When the switch to HD came, there were masking bars on the top and bottom (of course). But there often were also masking bars on the left and right because so much of the NewsHour content remains SD. All in all, I found it pretty awful. But a few weeks ago, I noticed that all four masking bars were gone -- as well as the left and right of the HD picture. Anyone know what happened? Was there a...
Yes, CableVision (Port Chester). Vincent
Got it: SARA Thanks -- Vincent
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