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Method Machine: I am in no way asking you to "bite the hand that feeds you," and, to be honest, I never really thought of my question as a way of "ripping off" the ReplayTV and Tivo services. I just thought that maybe I could purchase the DVR and elect not to purchase the advanced features for the monthly cost (essentially using the DVR like a suped up VCR). Personally, I don't feel like I should have to purchase a monthly subscription to get the advantages the DVR...
Yes, we have cable... No satellite. I've done some poking around, particularly on Ebay. I kind of like the idea of a dual tuner DVR like the Sony T60 (I think that's the right model), but it looks like this model is designed for DirectTV, and I'm not sure it will work with cable, and without a subscription service. Anyone have any experience with this?
I am looking for a "no service" PVR. My wife bought me a Tivo Series 2 DVR for Xmas, but I have realized that this won't work without the subscription, and I'm not willing to pay $12.95 per month for it. So, now what I'm looking for is a PVR (it doesn't necessarily need to have a lot of bells and whistles) that I can use to schedule program recording without having a subscription (manually). Does anyone have any recommendations?
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