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Thread 'Hello, I'm a Seller [C V V] ' in do it yourself and tweaks
Not an expert, but sounds like over kill. In the real world, there is always echos. Try breaking the panels up.
Don't be so lazy, do some research.
Very vague question. Are you asking how to hook up a sub to a pre-amp ?
Not familiar with that sub, but room is fairly large. Sub placement is crucial.
Sounds like a ground issue. Check speaker connections/polarity. Make sure reciever is properly grounded.
Can you put the TV more to the left in front of window ? What's to the right of fireplace ?
Pics or diagram would help
radioshack might be better choice. Doubt quality will effect results. Usually based on the ability of the person.
Until you get all speakers balanced/calibrated you won't get the best of your equipment.
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