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so this is very weird. I reset my dvr to record smallville on 21-1 after I saw the signal came in the other day and never reset it back to the sd channel after I lost the picture again. So last night I just hit play on it to see and low and behold it actually recorded on 21-1, picture and sound. I tuned to the channel and still get blank screen. I wonder if this is an issue with my dvr.
21-1 not working on my Directv box again this morning. Starting to wonder if its my setup.
just checked this morning and 21-1 on Directv scanned in and is working with video and audio.
I still get nothing even after a rescan. My signal is about 45%
if something can be upgraded through firmware then I do not agree with your statement. If its a hardware limitation then you are correct.
ok its not just me then. I got a 60% signal for CW and the screen was just blank. Must be something with the HR20
thanks Digi, I will try that. If I need an amp what is the recommended one for that antenna?
I am in Prairieville, off of Hwy 42. I have a 2 way splitter
I just noticed that the Directv guide is now listed KZUP and CWHD in the guide. My WVLA, WGMB, WBRZ, and WAFB all are coming in but the two new ones are not. I have a CM4228 antenna. Anyone know what could be wrong?
thanks, looks like I would have to point my antenna directly at my house. unless I raise it up but it would still not make it over the roof.
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