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I totally feel you on the buy vs. build. I know that I can do the work, but who has time for that? I suggest that you look at the Alienware X51. Its a smaller gaming rig that lays flat(if you want), about the size of a game console, and is powerful enough to do anything you need on the realm of htpc. They start around $600 for the base model. I just picked on up used and its going to be perfect. Alienware/Dell handles the customization much like the car makers do,...
I will be looking into changing fan speeds as soon as the lamp arrives. My PJ is ceiling mounted in a vaulted room with no solid surfaces within 2 feet in any direction.
Have not posted in a while, but I wanted to relay some good info to those of you who might have had a premature failure of the lamp in your 8350. I purchased my PJ on 4/1/11 and was super happy with it until about 8/20/12 when after 830 hours the lamp suddenly dimmed and then refused to light. I removed the lamp and observed that the post that the filament is attached to was drooping, as if it melted. I looked through my owners manual and read that there was a 90 day...
Wow, the flixmix thing looks good, and only $5.99 from Amazon, worth it even if just a backup. Will make my own as well.
Shaun of the dead scenes for comic relief, MJ's Thiller for fun, Young Frankenstein...Ohh the possibilities
The youtube idea would work. My laptop has an HDMI output, and wireless, so maybe that would be easier. I could also just rip the scenes to the HDD, convert to whatever format and play through Winamp etc. Skip the DVD altogether. HMMM Ideas... So I have lots of great horror, the thing, the shining, etc, zombies, monsters, on and on. Any "must haves" on this project?
My wife has decided to throw an All Hallows Eve Party, or for those of you in Rio Linda, a Halloween Party. One of the things that I thought would be cool is if I made a DVD with clips from various scary flix and played them on a loop on the PJ. Putting on the full feature would be counter productive but a highlight reel would be ideal. So I have a few questions: 1. What is the best method for ripping, compiling/authoring, and buring this project? I am familiar with...
remove the plate cover and use a 3x5 card to cover the hole. Should be an almost perfect fit. Do not do this if you have small children or idiots living in the house as there is some increased danger of electrocution.
Well the existing PJ stays, the thing just fired right up after almost 6 months in a box(moving). Just mocked it up in our new larger living room and she runs perfectly. I will go for the bulb, wait for a year and pull the trigger on the next version of the 1080p panny with hopefully 2k lumens. Thanks for the hints, BTW is Monoprice still the best deal on HDMI cables?
So I love my AX100u, but the lamp is getting dimmer and I was thinking about replacing it, which looks like it will run me about 250-300 bucks. Now I see that the new Panny is street @ $1999 . So now I am in a funny place where I replace the lamp for 1/8th the price of a new PJ with better specs, or Selling the PJ I have for maybe 1/4 of the price of the new model and getting a new PJ... So what would you do? Get the lamp and let it ride about 1-2 more years or...
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