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A late thanks... I grabbed one when I saw this post the other day.
I begrudgingly order the Harmony adapter from Amazon last week, $49 delivered. I'm still irritated that I had to buy an additional component on top of the console, but seeing as its my only BR player at the moment, I had to bite the bullet. To make a long story short, I've got an 80gb "FAT" model from around last November. Paired the Harmony Adapter with my PS3. Shut everything down. Fired up the Harmony software, removed my PS3 from the devices panel. Added...
I contacted them early last week, they shipped a replacement out and I received it on Friday. The good news, all 4 ports seem to work. My DirecTV HR20-700 and Xbox 360 Pro both work without issue on all 4 ports. The bad new, neither of my sony devices (PS3, dvd player) will work with the new unit, regardless of what port/cable combination I use. The dvd player just has some flickering on screen, the hdmi light goes on, but no video/audio, just flickering. The PS3 gets no...
I'm 99.9%sure it's just a problem with port #3. No matter what I plug in, or what cables I use, there is the red static throughout the picture, and there are drop outs every 10 to 15 seconds. All of my devices work flawlessly on the other 3 ports.
yeah, I'm gonna email them about it tomorrow.
I think I may have gotten a defective unit. I have the following devices: Xbox 360 PS3 DirecTV HR20-700 Sony upscaling dvd Panasonic SA-XR57 receiver Panasonic 50PH9UK plasma It seems that whatever I plug into port #3 of the monoprice switch has red horizontal static effecting my picture. it doesn't matter what device, or what cables I use, the output from port #3 is always corrupted.
Where did you see these netflix recommendations?
In general, what kind of speeds are necessary for HD viewing with netflix? When I use the speed tests at DSLReports, I consistently get results 2.5 MB downloads and 450 KB uploads. When I use the Netflix 360 interface, I'm getting 1 or 2 bars most of the time.
That looks promising, I'd certainly like to hear from some actual users, if there are any.
I'm interested in something like this as well. I currently have 3 devices, and will probably be adding a 4th soon, which can pass HDMI output. My receiver is a Panasonic XR57. My display is a Panasonic 9 series commercial with an HDMI blade. To get specific, I don't want to pass video signals through my receiver to my display. I prefer to send all video signals directly to the display, and all audio signals directly to the receiver. I don't intend on upgrading to 6.1...
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