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Sounds like I'll be going neutral with this upcoming price drop!
I was wondering... Does the PS3 decode DTS-MA and TrueHD in the player? Or simply bitstream it to the avr?
I got my matrix box set last week. I see a pending charge for my transformers movie, so I suspect that will be sent out soon as well.
Anyone got the number for them? Only 1 of my 2 orders appear in my account.
Got the Jack Ryan collection on preorder. Hope the transfers are good and it ships fast!
Exactly It was a spur of the moment purchase anyways. I did not want to deal with the hassle of having it serviced. I'll keep my eyes out for another BD player in the future, but for now my Toshiba A30 arrives tomorrow.
I'm going to return it. Maybe the open box deal gave me a funk unit but this player has too many problems for me to keep. Kept freezing up every 5-6 secs in Casino Royale. Put POTC in and it spit it back. Put POTC in again and it won't load. I don't want to fault the player completely, it is open box.
Updated the firmware. Played Casino Royale up to the menu fine. I went into the player settings, changed some audio settings, player locked up, and now won't play Casino Royale. Guess I'll try updating the firmware again then changing the settings without a disc in...
I just got a BDP-1000 from Best Buy, open box, for about $200. Is it worth it to keep this player? I'm updating the firmware now as it had trouble playing Casino Royale...
My matrix box set shipped at 1/2 price. Seems they fixed the coupon to take 1/2 price of the cheapest item...
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