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I kind of disagree. I recently bought the Vizio in my signature and it's pretty much day and night in favor of the Vizio. Not even close, I wouldn't watch a movie anymore on my 70XBR2. I moved it to the basement for the kids to play games and watch their stuff. LEDs have come a long way, and the colors produced by this series of Vizio are extremely good, very natural colors.
The M801i (2014) should produce a much better picture than the Sharp. In fact, the M801d (2013) is also better than the Sharp in my opinion. And you can always get the Costco warranty even if you don't buy the TV from them.
where have you seen a M801D-A3 that has no 3D?
I don't know about 3D IMAX, but I have used glasses from the movie theater and worked fine with my Vizio.
No, I am not familiar with it. I don't have that version either so can't play with it. My understanding is that you'd probably need calibration tools to properly adjust those settings. You should be able to get more help in the big thread: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1452199/official-vizio-m-series-razor-mxx1i-thread. Lots more people follow that, including few folks who have the 1.25 software with the professional settings.
yeah you have the latest firmware (1.25), the one not many have, so you won't find much if any calibration settings for that version here. Looks like that firmware only ships with new tvs.
so no gigabit ethernet
Cool. Looks like I'll just wait for this to come out.
Thanks. I was looking at dune-hd.com, and the HD max is listed as a discontinued product. Their new premium product appears to be the "HD Base 3D" and its specs are much better than the older "HD max". Yet, you are correct in that they list the "HD Max" at $540 and the "HD Base 3D" at $299.If I am reading correctly, it appears the HD max has a built-in DVD/Bluray player, that could be the reason for it to cost more, though not that much more
cool, so looks like that's available now? but I wonder what chipset it uses and whether it will be as compatible as the current one is with a variety of formats.
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