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Can anyone confirm an analogue direct mode? its listed under the preamplifier specs on the pdf from the anthem website. although it is identical spec-wise to the normal mode. thanks
Looking for a little help here.......Not currently an anthem owner but am strangly considering the purchase of one. For those that have been into audio for a long time you may recognise my current receiver. Pioneer's Elite VSX-95....love the old rosewood side panels....and the nice power for two channel. It is only Pro-Logic capable but had been updated to dolby digital and dts using an old Marantz Decoder placed in the pre-out / main-in loop. The pre-amp stage has...
Hey there, I was just wondering if anyone knows how to add custom refresh rates to ati ccc. In particular I would like to add 48Hz (23.9 whatever times 2). The reason I would like to do this is my projector (Infocus IN72) will refresh at exactly this rate if provided the proper signal (ie. adjust mirror and color wheel speeds). I know in the past it was done in powerstrip, is this still possible when using catalyst 8.x or 9.x drivers? any help appreciated.
Preface: Hi, my older surround processor doesn't deal well with full bitrate DTS. I don't think it has issues with 640 DD though. My receiver also doesn't have multi-channel analogue input. Long story short, I can't afford to upgrade, wife's not working and we have a 3 month old. So I am looking for an alternative. Issue: I currently use TMT2 (my prefered player under VMC) and PowerDVD 7 sometimes (I don't like it as well). TMT's DTS downmix sounds garbled periodically...
Thanks Guys, The reason I wasn't sure was because I just had a virus on my system which had a copy of the trial installed and was working fine. I decided to wipe the system and re-install but now only BD's play. HD DVD's flash the drive a few times then stops.
Is HD DVD still supported? It's no longer listed as a feature at Arcsofts site. I don't want to purchase unless HD DVD is supported. Thanks
Try hooking up your monitor to your video card instead of the motherboard. The motherboard connection will probably show you the bios screens and then go black as windows self activates hybrid graphics. This is how my similar board works (2SH) Try it and let us know.
To the OP. Ebay has a couple Technics SHAC-500 audio processors for quite cheap. This unit has served me well over the years. It can be placed in a pre-out/main-in loop of a receiver or routed in to a 6 ch input. It is remote controllable, accepts 5.1 DTS and DD as well as 2 channel pcm. has 3 digital inputs (Coax and Toslink) and a 6 ch analogue input for its passthrough mode. This would allow you to place it in-line after your existing processor and use its...
Looking at buying an hd dvd player or blueray player but was wondering if anyone could answer this: Does the refresh rate (wheel rotation speed) adjust to a multiple of 24hz when being fed 1080p24 signals? I will pay extra for this feature if it does if not I don't see a point in spending additional dollars. Thanks to anyone who replies
just out of curiosity.........how many of you that didn't see the sale items or any items hd-dvd related made a point to say something/tell an employye or manager that it was the reason you went there today? Personally, I think we need to create a buzz in the stores that are not jumping strongly into HD that there is an increasing demand.....IF they make it available at a GOOD price. Me I am in canada and can't find a player at a good price. not willing to pay $349 plus...
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