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I agree that you should check the cables out. I did. If you took both cables side by side and price was no option you'd pick the Monster. It appears to be of higher quality. Just look at the pic: Monster HDMI Radio Shack Cable Whether or not that translates to a better picture, I'm not sure. But note the width of the cable in proportion to the HDMI connection. It's easily twice as thick on the Monster. I also agree that NO cable is truly worth the nutty...
Well, I don't know what it looks like using component cables or a lesser quality HDMI cable. Actually the guy at Radio Shack talked me out of the $100 R.S. cable they sold and told me the Monster ones at Best Buy were noticeably better. Being a skeptic, I asked why. He said they were made with better materials, using a better manufacturing process (something about gas charged wires???). Anyway, I didn't spend $3k on a TV to skimp on the cable. That's like buying a...
Just an FYI, I got a Monster HDMI cable. Hooked it up to an 8300HD (on Adelphia cable in NH) and the TV above- works fine & LOOKS GREAT! Go PATRIOTS!
I have a 8300HD and am taking delivery of a JVC HD-52Z575 today. Both have HDMI. Is it really disactivated? The 8300 documentation is mixed. Also, is it WORTH dropping $100 on a cable??? Thanks for the input!
Hello, I will be taking delivery of a HD52Z575 tomorrow (hopefully) from Sears. I'll post my 1st impressions tomorrow. I wanted to know if anyone has their settings posted or available anywhere. I ordered Digital Video Essentials, but I know that most of you have spent considerable time tweaking. My in-store impression of the JVC is that it has a much better overall picture than others that I have looked at, but it's just an opinon.
Hey all, I'm a long time upgraded Tivo user looking to switch to an 8000HD for HD recording reasons (since Tivo has no plans to make a standalone HD DVR). I have read that a couple of people have upgraded their drive. Well, let me correct that, they HAD their drives upgraded by the cable company. I don't consider this hacking by any stretch. It it my understanding that the drives are split into two partitions. One holds the OS, another is a funky file system...
New Posts  All Forums: