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I have a JVC RS4810 and the len zooming works great. I've got it calibrated so both aspect ratios I use have similar brightness. I even have a third one programmed for something between 2:35 and 1:85. The only issue is the memory "forgets" sometimes when you change aspect ratios for zoom - you have to slightly re-shift the image to center it exactly on the screen when this happens. I always make sure I check before watching a movie.
I watched the theatrical version today on my new front projection set-up (Chad B calibrated JVC RS4810 and 2:35:1 Da-Lite 108" wide screen). Form a picture quality standpoint, it holds up fairly well which is not the case with some catalog titles at this size. It is soft, but obviously that is largely because of the original photography although I'm sure a 4K scan with good source elements would improve detail to some degree. Some of the grain also takes on that of a...
That would seem very bright to me.However, even on my Panasonic 65" VT60 I only like 31 ftL in a dark room when a lot of people are at 35-40ftL (or more) on that display.
I'm at about 13.6 ftL with my RS4810 and that seems perfect to me (1.1 gain screen, 2:35, 108" wide, nearly 10 feet back, completely blacked out room).
My entire dedicated room was recently done with Rosco Velour and the stuff is great.
According to a knowledgeable worker at my local Family Video store, he said with new release rentals about half are Blu-ray which is pretty good IMO. I never for a second ever thought DVD was going to disappear when the high def formats were released in 2006.
UHD Rollout Timetable at NAB 2014: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1527206/uhd-rollout-timetable-at-nab-2014 I wonder what the implications for 4K Blu this holds? Does this mean the early discs will not contain metadata or such for when. say, rec 2020 is released, etc.?
You'll be very happy.
I have not seen the DI on the new JVCs, but have heard largely very good reviews on it. For me personally, I am very susceptible to seeing gamma and brightness shifts (as was the case on my SXRD RPTV's DI) and like constant image stability I am so used to, so I am not sure if the DI would appeal to me or not, but I would most certainly try it on if I end up with a new one later this year.
I would definitely recommend contacting Mike from AVS.
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