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I'm referring to when they are properly calibrated, of course. You're talking to someone who has had five different displays pro cal'd by Chad B over the last ten years including my first front projector (RS4810).
Which looks more natural and film-like to you?
For mostly darker room viewing, go with the ST60. For mostly brighter room viewing, F8500.
Does the curved screen help viewers who are sitting more off-axis?
Thanks, Kris. I'm going to keep a close eye on the 2015 models.
So, I have a question I haven't been able to get a clear answer for yet. I have an RS4810 and I know I would prefer a fixed iris. I am very sensitive to brightness and gamma changes. With my fixed iris and at 13.6 ftL, I am getting an on/off contrast ratio of about 46,000:1. How much better would the 4910 or 57 give me with a fixed iris - in my situation under the exact same parameters of my set-up and preference?
This has been discussed quite a bit in other threads, but all movies from a filmmaker and aesthetic standpoint are meant to be the same height (hence, the concept Constant Image Height); only the width of the movie is suppose to vary. This is how nearly all movie theaters display films, as well - at least the respectable theaters. As Josh pointed out, scope has a certain purpose; a purpose to be larger, wider, and more grand.It's also possible even with front projection...
on my RS4810, I notice sometimes my lens memories are often different after setting them - once they are called again. Seems like the shifting it off. For example, I'll set it for 2:35 aspect ratios; then I will switch to 1:85 and set it; then once I go back to 2:35, it's shifted off a little. I have not verified yet if the focus shifts too.
I think you would be fine around 70 so long as you vary the content and don't watch too much letterboxing content around this time so that you get even burn.
Yeah, it would be nice if they would speed up the review publishing process especially considering these projectors have been out for almost six months. They have done this with other products too - in some flat panel cases almost releasing the reviews shortly before the new models came out.
New Posts  All Forums: