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It shows 1080p for Amazon content on the onscreen display once it ramps up, looks like most times it starts at HD then it shows HD 1080p after a bit. I don't see a option for 1080 24p, the only options are 720p 50/60 and 1080p 50/60
I just checked my Fire TV and there's also an Audio option besides DD+ over HDMI that says "Dolby Digital over Optical" "Select to turn on Dolby Digital over Optical Audio. HDMI will provide Stereo Audio."
I received my Fire TV yesterday and played around with it quite a bit, here are my thoughts. Pros: Fire TV device is nice, very thin, and I like the overall design. Bluetooth remote is also designed nicely and easy to use. After booting it did a software update, for me this went pretty quick, I'd say a few minutes with my 30mbps internet connection. Navigating through the UI is quick and smooth, the UI also looks nice, pictures and text look sharp on my 51 inch 1080p...
The difference is the FireTV is Dolby certified, the Roku and Chromecast are not, they can only pass DD or DD+. Most likely the FireTV will have an option to decode these internally and output 5.1/7.1 PCM via HDMI or convert DD+ to DD to pass through optical.
I only have one movie in Google Play, Transformers Dark of the Moon, which came free with my original Nexus 7. When I first played through the Chromecast it the audio came through as PCM 2.0, a month or so later I tested it and it came through as PCM 5.1, thought it was weird that it wasn't DD or DD+, it did sound good though. I'll test it out again when I have a chance this weekend.
Correct they should be vertical, here's a snip from the S-5000 manual..
I had the same issue with Rokus in different rooms, I purchased a couple Monoprice RedMere cables for the Rokus and now they sit nice and flat. http://www.monoprice.com/products/subdepartment.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10255
It would be nice if they (SVS and Audyssey) updated the software on the EQ1 to include the new Audyssey LFC technology. http://www.audyssey.com/audio-technology/audyssey-lfc
Would be nice if they would add this feature to the AS-EQ1 http://www.audyssey.com/aboutus/pres...cy-containment
jmurfk, I noticed the same issue originally when I was setting up my system. I found out the hum was coming through when I had my laptop hooked up and plugged into the same power outlet as my system, I ended up just unplugging the power from my laptop during calibration.
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