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Thanks I will post back if they actually go ahead with the plan PS: the office is actually in the room right behind the TV so the rest of the AV equipment is already in the office room There is a Blu-Ray player and the PA Amp that is connected to the TVs audio out
OK I am sorry for the late reply Sorry I did not specify who they are. Charter put the box on a table in front of the TV (Not blocking the TV though) but they (The staff that work in the community room) want the box in the office. I only volunteer there so I really don't have a clue if they will actually will try to buy one of those IR Extenders but I will pass the information along to the staff and see if Charter can provide one (Which I doubt) Edit: I just remembered...
The community room where I volunteer got an new TV awhile ago and the cable co (Charter Communications) recently made every body get a digital Set top box. The box is a Cisco 4642HD and they want to put the box in the office. But they still want the residents to be able to change the channels. Charter said the IR port is active however every one I tried did not work I assume I need an IR Receiver and not an IR emitter? The jack looks to be a 3.5MM Mono jack.
Is there a way to find out if the actual LCD panel went bad? Like a test to see if I can atleast get some of the pixels to light up? I know that the CCFL backlights are good as that is all I get along with sound
Yeah I replaced every board except the IR boardI guess it is time to try to resell all of the parts I boughtI guess you win some and in this case lose some
I found a Vizio TV Model VL370M in the trash and I am having a tough time trying to get it to work The TV will respond to the remote control and will turn on with the backlights So far I have replaced the Main Board, Power Supply, T-Con board and the LVDS cable I now get sound and the backlights come on at full brightness but there is no picture the screen Is there a factory reset method? or is there something else I should be looking for? I really want this TV to...
Yes my account has Video Phone and Internet the Triple play as cable calls it
I have a Hauppauge HVR-2250 in my PC and I have been having trouble for the past week or two recording and tuning the Clear QAM stations. I am using Sage TV Version 7 with Windows 7 Home Premium I also tried a new channel scan (Just in case the channel I want moved) I have Charter Communications as my cable provider Is anyone else in the Newtown Connecticut having a similar issue? or is this a global Charter cable problem? or just a Cable Co. problem in general The only...
I found a Panasonic TV (TC-32LX70) in the big garbage bin in my apartment complex it works fine but it looks like it has the known power on problem with the firmware. Here is a Link to the firmware install guide. I have a couple of questions though 1. I know I have to use an SD Card that goes into the Service Slot (I found the slot on the back of the TV but it is not obvious which way the card goes into the slot 2. How do I determine if the firmware actually needs to...
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