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Fixed it. Luckily, came upon a YouTube clip of a guy with an Emerson TV with the same issue. I pressed up and then down on the arrow keys on the remote, and the service menu reappeared.
Went into the service menu on my Phillips 40pfl7505 and finger hit wrong button. Picture cycling between red, green, blue white, black, and gray test patterns. How do I get back to normal?
WBRE (NBC affiliate) started HD newscasts April 2, with WYOU (CBS affiliate) airing WBRE-produced newscasts at noon and 7 p.m. WYOU closed down its own news operation in 2009
Mediacom isn't doing anything different than many cable companies. Death to analog.
Your bill went up because you and plenty of others won't do anything about it.
MidCo still has to reach an agreement with the owner of the complex for access.
But it's not illegal to prohibit the mounting of a dish to a building or prohibit the use of existing cables used for Cablevision. If a tenant has a balcony, he/she could use a tripod or non-penetratng roof mount, but the landlord can prohibit dishes that extend outside of the balcony. Cabling is a problem, too, but can be overcome with the use of flat cable to go under a balcony door.
You have your facts wrong in a few spots. First, Forum Communications in Fargo owns the ABC affiliate in Bismarck, and second, DirecTV doesn't claim locals. There is a federal law that mandates what locals pay TV providers can give to customers. The Bismarck/Minot market is only one market and DirecTV doesn't have the bandwidth to provide the Minot channels as well as the Bismarck ones.The ABC affiliate used to have a Local Marketing Agreement with the FOX station, but...
Much like most people who read CE and think its for them, but have no clue on what the software does. If you have to ask how to force a download, then you aren't ready to force a download.
Try restarting your DVR.
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