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Ask him to do a write up and post it here.......
I'll sell you a brand NEW in the box never opened 60" EX700 for $2200! You can't get that at Wal Mart.
That's where my set came from as well, I believe that is a Sony distribution warehouse. My set is Supposably New as that was my offer from Sony but, I'm curious to know how anyone would know the difference, if the refurbished sets are not marked in some way and the packaging is just like a new set. My set was delivered yesterday and is still in the box and I'm more than likely going to sell it, therefore I'm not going to unbox it completely; I did remove the top portion of...
Is there a way to check the hours on these refurbished sets? If so, are they set back to zero or do they show the previous hours? Also, is there some kind of indicator that it is a refurbished set? If Sony offered you a new set how would you know it's not a refurbished set, if it is packaged just like a new set?
I'm planning on running a network cable to my Panny G15 in my bedroom soon and was wondering if there is a need for one for my BD60 as well. Or when they are connected via HDMI they are both essentially connected to the network? Any info or pros and cons on different connections would be greatly appreciated.
Yeah........ I received an email from Sony today about the CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT. I WILL EXCLUDE MYSELF from that. I guess when I registered the TV I gave my email address.
Does anyone know where or if a right angle power cord or adapter can be found for a BD60? (like a port saver for an HDMI cable) Thanks for any help.
I asked about extending the warranty, I was given the number to the warranty dept. and when I called I was told if you don't start out with at least a 1 yr. warranty that they can not sell you an extended warranty. The lady I spoke to about extending the warranty on the replacement said she didn't understand the TV not having a 1 yr. warranty but, that she could not do it, that's the way their system was set up. I don't know why they would turn down the money if this...
It is my understanding that the BRAVIA XBR-LX900 coming out late summer or fall will be the only 60" model that will a higher end model in that size than the EX700. I wouldn't count on Sony adding that to their offer list and even if they did, I'd bet you would pay a premium for it. And I'm not convinced it will have that much better PQ that is deserving of that premium. It will have 3D and much better styling, if that's overwhelmingly important to you.
As far as I know, no one has been told to send back their TV or had Sony pick it up. Just send the serial number sticker with a printed photo of your TV showing the problem along with your event number (provided by Sony) showing in the picture.
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