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Thanks for the response. Since I originally posted, I have discovered that my Onkyo receiver did have Digital Audio input and have connected that way. The sound is impressive. It has led to another problem, however -- there is a distince synch. difference between the audio and the video, which is S-Video from Tosh to receiver. Any ideas here?
I just purchased a Toshiba RS-Tx20 Digital Media Server. It is connected to my TV with Super-Video and Composite Audio Cables. I have also connected it to my Receiver via an Optical Digital Audio Cable. The source is analog cable. I am having synchronization problems with the sound and video. When watching and listening to Live TV through the TV speakers, there is a slightly noticeable difference in the timing of sound and video, with the audio running ahead. When...
I had some signifcant A/V system installation with multi-room wiring done a few years ago. One of the cabling options used was some cables with "piggy-backed" RCA connectors. This seems to me a more elegant solution than utilizing Y-adapters for splitting audio signals. Any opinions on these two approaches? Does anyone know where the "Piggy-back" connecotrs are available?
I just purchased a Toshiba RS-TX20 online from ebuyer (great price - $457.61 delivered - and service, by the way). I will, of course, connect composite audio to my TV, but woukld also like to connect to my ProLogic receiver (not sure it has Digital Audio input). Since there is only one set of Composit Output jacks, does anyone have a solution for also connecting it to my receiver?
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