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I also use a Netgear WNDR3700 .Don
Does anyone know if the following will be fixed or is even fixable through a firmware upgrade? 11. Video sync loss on main Zone for 1-2 seconds intermittent when a program fades to black and using Svideo on Zone 2. Workaround plug Svideo for source device into an input other then one main Zone (i.e. HDMI) also plugged into. Video sync still lost 1-2 seconds intermittent when a program fades to black on Zone 2 but keeps loss from occurring on main Zone. Thanks, Don
I think this results in assigning an IP within the dynamic range used by the router. Static IP addresses should be assigned outside the range reserved to router for dynamic IP address assignment. Don
I am from Louisiana and the Tigers look real good on my 150 which has no dead pixels and no blobs (except maybe South Carolina after Saturday, I hope). Don
I have been a long time reader of this thread and the "80% better blacks" thread before that and the LED-DLP threads and the SXRD threads. To shorten a long story, on Saturday my wife and dropped in on a local Pioneer Elite dealer even though when I had called earlier in the week I was told no 1080P Pioneers until mid September. We were surprised to see a 110FD on display. I was again surprised when my wife said it had the best picture she had ever seen, but weren't...
As an LSU graduate, I just may try and match you on this. Don
My Hitachi 37hlx99 has cablecard. Saw them at Magnolia/BB recently. Don
You are correct that the mount is only into the plywood. These 4 "bolts" are however 3/8" snap toggles which have a large surface area on the reverse side. In addition I added a plywood gusset to spread the force. Each of these snap toggles can probably support 200lbs. I was more concerned with the plywood mounting to the studs. That is why one sees the 21 3" screws. After opening the wall, I found that the center stud is not continuous. It appears to be a double...
I also mounted a Sanus WMAA26 by cutting out the drywall and replacing it with plywood. Attached are some pictures. I located a power and cable outlet behind the TV while the wall was open. Don
To my eye the SD picture is very good. I have a SA digital cable box on Cox cable with component connect to the TV. This TV has a very good scaler. Letterboxed SD will scale very well to full screen 16x9. This is useful for many of the Discovery and History channels. Don
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