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I had Eden working perfectly for the longest time on my HTPC but I had another computer that I wanted to play Blu-ray rips from. I installed Frodo and for the life of me, I cannot get it to bitstream DTS-MA or Dolby TrueHD.
Thanks man. So I assume the adapters are readily available?
I notice a lot of the amps have this twist-lock connector for the outputs. I am used to banana plugs or just bare-wire clips. What are the adapters called as my sub/driver just has bare wire coming from it. Thanks.
Thanks Marty. Yeah, this is for a ported build (450L slot-port tuned to 17hz). So definitely less juice required than a sealed sub. However, I am thinking of going to a dual sub config, so I think I'll grab the 3000dsp to give me another channel with enough power.Thanks!
Can I use a simple monoprice adapter for this amp to a Mach5 15" IXL? Is this a decent amp for $175 if used in 4ohm bridged-mode?
Thanks trans, I'll check it out!
Last time I was in this forum, I had just bought my Optoma HD200x and 720p LED projectors were getting popular. The ones with the diamond-shaped pixels I think? Anyways, wondering if a 1080p LED projector that's affordable has finally emerged, or is everyone still on regular DLP and LCD units?
Thanks man. Ended up going with an official bulb from Amazon.ca. For less than $180 it seemed like a good enough deal to extend my projector's life by 2-3 years.
Thanks Mr. G.....does it matter if it comes with the housing or not? Is it a difficult process to install bare lamp?
Just wondering how good/trustworthy are the $75 bulbs on fleabay? They look the same....but are they any good?
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