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Really hoping this isn't blacked out in the Pittsburgh market!!!!
thanks for the heads up. DVR is set.
I noticed (during the free preview weekend) that the ads and promos were in HD, but when I recorded P&T: Bullsh!t on my DVR, it is in 4:3.
Quote: Originally Posted by BustHDTV From the Post-Gazette (4-3-06) 02. Apr. 14 vs. CHC Watching this one on FSN-HD Pittsburgh and it looks/sounds GREAT! FSN has a long way to go before they can offer the variety of ESPN but I like the direction they're heading.
This is going to remain on my DVR for a long long time. Thank you Mr. Cuban!
Quote: Originally Posted by blitzen102 http://pittsburgh.pirates.mlb.com/NA.../broadcast.jsp I'm assuming "FSNP" is Fox Sports Net Pittsburgh. The schedule shows which games FSNP will be broadcasting but does not as yet show which (if any) will be broadcast in HD. From the Post-Gazette (4-3-06) 01. Apr. 10 vs. LAD 02. Apr. 14 vs. CHC 03. Apr. 28 vs. PHI 04. May 10 vs. ARI 05. May 17 vs. CIN 06. May 31 vs. MIL 07. June 14 vs. STL 08....
You guys are totally proving my point. I've actually SEEN Spinal Tap and I wouldn't have been able to identify a single one of those quotes. I'm not saying it's a bad movie, I enjoyed it. But to even mention it in the same sentence as Caddyshack is downright ridiculous.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gecko85 People will be quoting Caddyshack and Spinal Tap for generations. Very doubtful the same could be said for Harold & Kumar, Anchorman, etc. If I had a nickel for everytime I've encountered someone wearing something hideous, and SOMEONE in the group would say "You get a free bowl of soup with that hat?", then others would respond "Looks good on you, though." Or, "This one goes to 11." There are so many classic...
hmmm....Columbus eh? I can be there in about 3 hours to check out that 1080p set. :D
Huh, wonder if this is going to be a "last weekend in February" tradition for ABC. Looks really good via Adelphia in Monroeville, PA. Very slight lip synch problem, but that could be just me. "Yes Drill Sgt!" LOL
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