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Yep, just logging on to see if anyone else in the PGH area was getting SD. Shame.
Watching via Adelphia cable in Monroeville, PA and everything has been great. no problems at all yet. Too bad Charlie Batch broke his hand. He had a great first half in front of his home crowd.
Wow. Watched this game on FSN-HD PGH and it looked FANTASTIC!! Thank God for my cable company and their superb HD service.
watched the Pens game on FSN-HD tonight via Adelphia in Monroeville. Looked great. I really hope they do most (all?) of the Pirates home games in HD next season.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ken H Yes, that must be it......it's really good to read such illuminating comments..... There was obviously a problem last night, and in all likelihood one that originated with INHD, not NESN. Hey, it's my own personal stalker! So nice to see you responding to my posts again.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gabatta In the meantime you and Bust can take turns crying into his terrible towel. Repeating your same mistake again doesn't make you look any less retarded, just so you know.
LOL! You're mistaking me for a Steelers fan. That's not going to work. Nice try though, typical m******* tactics.
So I suppose it was just the air in St. Louis that made their production look like crap last night, right? I've seen several NESN games from Fenway via INHD and while they generally look good, they're not any better than the other MLB games shown on INHD from other sports networks. Time to tone down those rose colored glasses.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheRock The only reason why i am gonna continue to watch this show is because Emmanuelle Chriqui is suppose to be on it this season. :rolleyes: WEAK.
It looked bad to me as well. The highlights on SportsCenter (I didn't see them myself) were certainly from the ESPN2-HD broadcast of last night's game. That would explain the difference in quality. NESN sucks, just like the red sox. :D
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