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Just dropped by to say "HI"... Wife still using 3 of 4 units... I've experiment using 4th to feed Component HD to a capture system.... and it works!
The TVG Cap I pull removes the signal to the TVG Board.... It doesn't stop TVG Board from Searching... Removal of the TVG cap was determined during the days that CBS transmitted an Advanced TVG Signal on their SD feeds to Cable Companies. That signal would over-write the TVG Ram, Locking up TVG board, which also locked up the 3410a, which could only be resolved by a power reset, which, in combination with the Ram Over-Write erased the TVG Ram.... forcing the 3 day...
As I may have mentioned before.... I work at a TV Station, in Chicago. An 'Issue' regarding "Descriptive Audio" arose last week, and I found out that my MITS 73640 with latest firmware was one of the very few sets that would display "Descriptive Audio" In Menu/Setup/Language/OTA Tuner/ "OTHER"
I've got V1.17 in all 4 here, and TVG caps pulled.... Never saw that error message... Anyone else?
I've never seen that error message, what firmware vesion are you using? Or, maybe it just doesn't like the hard drive?
I've been away for a while.... All 4 of my 3410a's have had the cap upgrade (Posted somewhere way back in thread)... Each has had the 'reset' cap replaced as well ...... and on each I've CUT OUT the TVG coupling cap... to defeat TVG... All 4 are working fine.... and do timed recordings with start/stop & Channel settings... as if it was a VHS machine... Works fine. Regarding hard drives........ Two of the 4 units have original 120Gb drives in them..... One has a...
If I'm not in the correct forum, Please inform which forum would be preferred.... I have a BluRay and DVD copying question.... With specific needs. I make my own BluRay and DVD videos.. I don't bother copy protecting them because I don't want to be bothered by it... Simple as that... If client wants to copy it--fine by me! So, I create my own media, and when I get done with a project I have a Master Disc... That has been viewed as good and 'approved'.. I then want to...
We've ganged 4 cable box SD outputs together, so on our "SD RF Feed" (That used to contain Comcast Analog SD transmissions Now Long Since gone) and I mixed in CH3, CH4, CH 68. Now that Comcast part is gone, it's our own CH3,4,68 (And 66 in bedroom) custom feeds.... This way 3 of 4 3410a's can record 3 boxes, and bedroom can record off 4 boxes. On Demand free playbacks have minimized the 3410a use somewhat... but they are still being used.... CH3 RF goes into CH3...
Wife still uses the 3410a's here, primairly for OTA recording and occasional cablebox SD recording
The link I always went to is: http://support.mitsubishi-tv.com/documents/WD-73640 That was the page specifically for the 73640 Looks like they changed the link at there site, and didn't post a re-direct!
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