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I'm currently in the process of swapping my screen out as well, and the JKP 1.1 was one of the potential options along with the Da Lite Da Mat 1.0.Currently I have Da Lite 119" High Contrast Grey Da Mat 0.8 gain with an Epson 5020. I thought it looked good until recently having my setup ISF calibrated. Given that I can swap out the screen only, and keep my existing frame, going this route was more efficient from a price standpoint. Looking forward to other feedback and...
So what are the chances they come out with a USB 2.0 to 3.0 converter? Right now I have a powered 65ft USB cable running from my av closet to front of room coming out next to my screen But it's all behind the wall. Am i screwed ?
For nighttime viewing I use the thx preset. I ran the Disney calib disc and this setting was pretty much spot on. For daytime the natural mode seems the best in my setup. I will be having isf calibration done in June. So I'm sure I'll have better settings then.
do we know what exactly is improved with FW 1.03?
can you post the link to the firmware ?
where did you Download the new firmware?
Me too. Just checked it. Couldn't find any info on the epson site
Looking for reputable ISF calibrator in the Detroit area. Thank you
Is John Gannon still in the biz? Does anyone have a link to his contact info or website ? Thanks
In the manual speaker set up there is the option to select small or large. what constitutes a small or large speaker? I could not find anything In owners manual in regards to Speaker size being considered small or large. I have B&W CWM663 in wall setup. Thanks
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