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Definitely, i've been buying all my A/V needs from monoprice. Yea A/C outlet will be installed for the kinect.
Interesting. Do you mind posting a pic of your setup. Thanks
Yea i'm trying to figure out my setup. We are planning to finish out my basement into a general media / living area with a projector, and one of the things I want to do is move my xbox and kinect downstairs to enjoy on the Big screen. I'm thinking that i'll install a USB plate in the wall near the screen, and running a USB cable inside the wall to my A/V rack area to connect into the xbox. Looking at the distance, it will be about 15-20 feet. Thanks for your reply...
For those of you that have an xbox kinect in your home theatre, how do you have it setup to play on the big screen? Given that its not wireless, I'm assume you need to run some long USB cables depending on location of your xbox and A/V Closet. Thanks
Great another roster update.
..pm on it's way.
Not familiar with TS, but my VOB files stream perfectly using Mikinho's transcoder. http://mikinho.com/wmc/transcode/ While you're there, download YAMMM. it will automatically download cover art for each movie. This has been the easiest setup for streaming my ripped DVD's from my PC to xbox 360. I'm running Win 7 Pro Media center, with 6 TB of Space
ok still running into issue. I went ahead and selected the DVD folders on my PC and added to the "movies" section in media libraries both on xbox and on my PC. Now, when I go to the Movie Library in Media Center on my xbox, I see all my movies. I click on the cover art, and then when I click on play, it just kicks me back to the main listing of all my movies. no error msg or anything. So then I tried to load a movie via media browser plugin. same thing, i see...
Jerry Ball QB Sack FTW!!!! I used to rack them up all the time. And can't forget Barry Sanders unbelievable runs!
ok, i'll try that tonight. baby steps Thanks for your help.
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