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Ok, I ripped my DVD, and was able to access it via videos. I clicked on Play all, and the movie loaded to the main menu, unfortunately, you can't select movie, chapters, menu, etc. I had to click on one of the VOB files to load the movie. I assume there is no workaround for this? I'll have to check out your plug in as well Thanks for all the info.
Is media browser a plugin that you have to install?
Ok, so you're sharing the DVD Folder on your PC as Movies on xbox. Then you are accessing the movie via the "Movies" link on the Media Center Menu. What file are u clicking in the VIDEO_TS folder, to launch the movie?
the DVE is probably the newest disc out there http://www.videoessentials.com/products_main.php
Are you streaming the VOB files directly to your 360 without any encoding?
Epic Failure of a post
Below is a plan and 3/4 view of my basement to be. Primary use will be a mix between watching movies at night, XBOX Gaming, and occasional daytime sports games. There are a couple smaller windows, but will be draped with blackout curtains. Were getting ready to start framing soon, and still working out the kinks. I'm having an issue deciding on projector mounting. At this time, i'm leaning towards the Epson 8500 or 9500 UB. Seating distance is going to be about 17...
really??? That is SWEET. I will then have to check out your transcoder. do you have a link to download? When do you think your new version with menus , etc will be ready?
Thanks guys. Appreciate the pics. I still haven't really decided where the equip rack is going to be, but my options are pretty flexible. This will definitely help me in planning.
I tried searching the forum, but didnt get any hits. Been reading about running PVC conduit for the wiring, but can't quite picture how to set it up in the framing. Were getting ready to FINALLY start framing our basement in a few weeks, and am trying get some ideas. If any of you guys have pics of your conduit projects could you post them up. Also, since i'll be dry walling my ceiling, is there a specific access panel that you install to get to the conduit opening...
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