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rockaway1836 I just got off the phone (via the number from the site you provided) and they sorted things out, no fuss no muss. Apparently they've been having problems with the 1 year subscription not going through properly every time. Thanks again!
That is a super useful link (especially the phone number), thank you very much!
Has no one else signed up for the year of HuluPlus?:-/
That's OK, I appreciate the response anyway.Does anyone else have experience with setting up the 1 year of HuluPlus (regarding where I can find the "Learn More" button from the instructions for redeeming the code)?
Thank you for the responses Rockaway1836 and laakness.As it turns out (after digging around in my emails) I had activated the offer some time ago (with the activation email in my inbox the whole time).I was able to activate Netflix just fine (since the email contained the activation code), but HuluPlus is proving to be less straightforward.In the emailed instructions, it says to go to the HuluPlus app and click on the "Learn More" button to find the "Referral code", but I...
Has anyone else been able to find where to get the free year of Netflix and Hulu Plus? Or put another way, has anyone had the offer disappear on them? I could have sworn it was under Applications, but I took a look tonight to try to sign up and I can't find it anymore.
Yeah... that's what I'm afraid of. I wish they didn't make it so fiddly. It was much more straightforward in the older Bravias (ie: just plug the cable into the Optical Out and it was 5.1... no messing with settings).I'm a bit hesitant to experiment with turning off ARC/Bravia Sync though, since it was such a pain in the butt to get that working right (yet another fiddly feature as it turns out).Haven't we entered the age of plug-and-play yet?Either way, thanks for the...
I am using ARC to send audio to my "Audio System" (a Sony HT-ST7 in this case), and the Optical Out is for my headphones (I have two 5.1 headphones plugged into the set, and they get their "5.1-ness" via optical).They sound great when I switch to "TV Speakers" (albeit in two-channel), but none at all when I switch to "Audio System".Incidentally it used to be much simpler with my old XBR7, the Optical Out always sent out 5.1 so it was pretty much just plug and play.
I finally got a chance to try this out.When I try this I get no audio when switched to "Audio System", though two-channel sound still works when "Speakers" are set to "TV Speakers".Hrm... maybe there is some funky conflict going on (for example I am using ARC to connect to the actual "Audio System"). Does this not work if ARC is being used maybe? (that would be inconvenient.)
Seconded. I had resigned myself to stereo on my headphones (which was a shame considering) and this oughta solve that. Thanks for that!
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