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One thing I am not quite getting. Should 1080p interlaced down to 1080i look exactly the same as if it where just rendered directly at 1080i since it is just displaying ever other line? Isn't that what natively rendered 1080i does? Or am I missing something here?Regarding your question of 720p vs 1080i. Shouldn't we just be able to look at how PS3 games looked 720p vs 1080i for games that supported 1080i? I haven't done enough direct comparisons to say. From my...
I'm not an expert in scaling, but I guess what you are saying is down scaling from 1080p is much better than up scaling from 720p, ie no introduced artifacts?I am assuming the PS4 is doing hardware scaling this go around?If your TV supports both 720p and 1080i will the PS4 choose 1080i by default?That's great that you can do it mid game, it makes it easier to do a comparison.Sorry for all the questions and thanks for the great info! It has been hard to find these answers...
Are you sure the game is actually being rendered at 1080i and not scaled by the PS4?If it is actually being rendered by the game, will this be a game by game decision to support rendering at 1080i?Thanks for looking into this!
Awesome thanks
So most likely 1080p PS4 games will not render at 1080i?
I just got the YAS-101 and I am using on the TV stand, however with the feet it is a little too high for the low stand on the 46hx850. If I remove the feet and place it directly on my stand will this change the sound quality as far as bass and the surround effect?
I am getting mine done on Thursday. I will let you know my results. I am a little reluctant to spend the money because I feel like using the chornitis settings so far has been pretty good, but I am going to do it anyway.
Which picture mode are you using?
I was thinking about picking up the S590, however Sony unveiled their 2013 line up. Do you guys have any suggestion if I should wait for the newer line to release? If I were to wait, I would probably get the top of the line model with 3D, as long as it isnt too expensive. I do not have an immediate need so I am willing to wait. I am really more concerned about PQ. Do you think the newer models will have better PQ based on the specs released so far?
I am noticing both horizontal and vertical banding more and more on my 46hx850. Once you notice it and start to look for it, it can become distracting. I may try turning down my back light some and see if the effect diminishes. I think it is something you have to accept with this technology. It really is the only fault that I have with this TV.
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