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My mind is already set for GH4 but it would be good to know what Sony is going for when it release.
Decision, decision for me now. It is good that I have two options to choose this coming trip. Either A7s or GH4 depending on which one has lower price?
Thanks, I shall put these three lens as my first priority. I think I can stretch up to 1k depending on I can get the best bang for the bucks. What do you guys think of Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 12-40mm f 2.8 Pro zoom lens? I hope I can get this camera in time for my trip.
What would be the best mid range budget lens for this camera? I will buy for my trip this June and my budget would be between 400 to 750 for the lens.
I am in the market for a good Bluray player that can play MKV file. My budget is between 50 to 200. Thanks
Is it worth adding Samsung Evolution kit to this 7100 series? I am contemplating on adding kit for quad core processor instead dual core?
Should I considering getting this evolution kit for my new Samsung F7100? Quad core is what I am interested in upgrading from dual core processor. Thanks
I submitted an order for Samsung TV from East Coast TV and they called for another 3% shipping insurance fee and I kept saying No and either cancel my order or no to insurance fee. He was not happy about my refusal to budge and now, I will wait and see if the unit arrived in good shape. Worst case, I refuse the shipment if the box has been damage(s).
Thanks for the input. But what would you recommend if I say between 2k to 3500 is my budget? Would you consider something else? I have a 50" Panasonic 720p Plasma and I am way overdue for new one.
Guys, It has been over five years and now I am in the market for TV on this Black Friday. I am considering getting 65" Samsung 7100 or 8000 models and I need help which is good for movies and sports. My budget is between 2 to 2500. I would appreciated if you guys can point me to the right direction. Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: