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Anyone? Advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
I've never used the alternative RCA audio input available for the HDMI 4 and 5 inputs on the Elite, but was wondering how they are meant to be used. When used, do they bypass the display's internal volume control? That is, is the equivalent to the input to like a power amp, where a multichannel controller (or preamp) would control the volume through the Pioneer speakers?
Thank you!
Didn't work. Are you on Windows7 x64?
Not for me. I get the "EyeOne.dll returned an error during initialization. Device not connected." panel. If I go immediately to i1Match it works fine. Device Hardware shows no problem with the i1Pro. (Win7 x64 system)
I'd been using ColorHCFR with my Spyder, but just recently got an i1Pro. I read through many posts explaining how to pick the correct EyeOne.dll driver (v3.4.0.131 dated 6/26/2007) and dropping it into the ColorHCFR directory. Did all that but the program still doesn't recognize my i1Pro. Could use some help on this.
Tom, since colorimeters like the Chroma5 go lower, does one risk altering (negatively) the performance down at this end when doing a spectro based correction (since the spectro itself might not go down as low)?
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael TLV Greetings The 0ne year thing always applies. 1 year of support ... or don't you read the terms of the software support? If you got 3.8 within the previous year ... then you get 4.2. But if it is longer than one year ... then you have to pay the annual support cost and then you can upgrade and are good for another year of updates. regards It may be more than 1 year for me (I have to check my...
Thanks guys. I know it's apples and oranges, but do either of you know how far down the Spyder3 can go?
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