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I Just did a scan and didn't pick up anything.. Given all the reports about financial difficulties at small TV stations, I would not be surprised if it never happened. It Sucks.. That's the only major network I'm missing from HD OTA.
If you go back far enough in this thread, there is some discussion about WPSU's SFN from when it was first established and discussed here. I don't know if the details are still accurate, but it should flesh out the general idea of where things are and what they're trying to do. -JEff
If we start the process of deploying ATSC-2 now, we might still be alive to see an OTA transmission..
The DBStalk post says "today or tomorrow".. Maybe DiSH hasn't updated their web site yet? I don't have any DiSH hardware, so I can't check. Did you try giving them a call?
Sorry.. I was thinking you were in Comcast space. Yeah, the cable companies are experimenting with only sending the streams for the channels people are watching in a given area. The upshot is that theoretically with the switching, they can 'oversubscribe' the channel space and deliver more channels with less bandwidth. There's been a lot written about switched video, but I'm not sure if anyone has actually rolled it out yet. Comcast is supposedly testing it.
Is Comcast doing any switched digital video in our market? Maybe those channels are part of a switched stream and occasionally people aren't watching in your neighborhood?
Ah Ok, so it's my inability to operate a spreadsheet.. Glad my cognitive skillz are still working..
Am I misunderstanding what night-light means? The spreadsheet shows WWCP as converting on the 17th, but also running a night-light. Aren't they switching their digital signal back to 8?
A minor nit, it's not technically illegal. The law allows for the local affiliate to give you a wavier to receive DNS. I'm not sure why an a affiliate would give you a wavier when their signal was available via satellite, but if they wanted to, they could. It's common for the satellite CSRs to say "it's illegal", but it's really a business decision by the satellite cos and networks. The law places the final say with the content providers. The whole situation sucks, given...
It was only mostly dead, which is slightly alive.. The senate gave it a miracle pill today..http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...012601984.html
New Posts  All Forums: