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I'm still having issues with my i5 haswell nuc, random crashes. I already returned one, and am having the same issues more or less. Up the thread it was stated that the newer nucs only work with windows 8, though I don't think that applies to the haswell nucs (tho I'm not sure). I'm running windows 7. Starting to think I should just get a copy of windows 8 and try that. I think I can download and try it for free before buying... anyone think that would help? Yes it's...
Ran memtest overnight, finished 7 passes without error. I've used this before on bad memory and it logged a lot of errors so I think this one's good. Still got a couple more reboots today, will have to check into one of these heatsink pads. Bluescreenview still shows no crashes.
I didn't get a chance to run the memtest yet, but I have the usb stick ready now and will run it over night tonight. I did run the bluescreenview program, and surprisingly it reports no crashes. And, oddly enough, ever since I ran that last night, I haven't had any more crashes.
OK I will try it and report back thanks.
Well I just got my replacement i5 haswell nuc, and while it's not quite as bad as the first, it's still blue sceening randomly. I set it up and had a few crashes with usb stuff plugged in like a blu-ray drive and a camcorder. I unplugged all usb except the keyboard/mouse and left it overnight, sure enough when I checked it this morning, it had crashed overnight, doing nothing. What the hell.
I installed the nuc drivers and bios and thought I was good to go. Then a few minutes later, for no reason, it just suddenly shut down again. Not blue screen, just off. Now I'm getting worried that I got a lemon, might need to return. Not sure what else to try. This thing has been very unstable. Often when it boots, it doesn't finish and restarts the boot process. Very unlike my celeron nuc, that one has been a champ from the very first boot. Any ideas? thanks
I setup my i5 nuc this weekend with windows 7 64 bit but I'm having issues. Not sure why but I'm missing a bunch of drivers. I had to get the nic driver via another pc, and there are various other drivers missing according to device manager. The system has spontaneously rebooted or blue screened on me several times in just a few hours of use. I'm thinking maybe (probably?) the missing drivers is causing this. So I'll need to find the proper drivers and install, I...
Thanks for the tip on the nuc, just ordered the i5 that I've been putting off for just this occasion.
I don't know if this will help... on my old htpc, before I switched to the celeron nuc, I would get video problems when selecting anything other than 2.0 audio in xbmc. Turns out it didn't matter though, since I was using hdmi and passing thru the audio signal undecoded to my avr. So even though I had to set xbmc to 2.0, that setting seems to be overridden by selecting hdmi passthru, and I still got all channels to my avr.
Do you know, if I had an external usb blu-ray drive, could I install windows from dvd? Or do I have to do it from a usb stick. edit: nevermind, according to this you can do it either way http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-033935.htm
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